Today is for… Ana Lagidze and Pothier Benjam

Por makingUCLM
Nuestra entrada de hoy está dedicada a los artistas extranjeros. Gracias a todos los creadores y artistas que desde otros países nos traéis vuestro apoyo hasta Cuenca, para conseguir que nuestro sueño llegue a ser una realidad…

– Ana Lagidze
I am Ana Lagidze artist designer. In 2007 I graduated from the Art Academy. Faculty of Architecture.
Profession – Architect. Festival participation motivation – Today, in particular the failure strictly «culture and personality»; Which, in my opinion, to be considered significant. I have a strong desire to deeply looking into the practice of wealthy foreign modern art in this field. Currently, I work, I only characteristic manner. I want a more active and interesting work. To participate in the festival to give a better understanding of the individual features in the hidden opportunities found in the creative idea of the correct formation and its implementation. Ana Lagidze

– Pothier Benjam
On January 2010 the 8th, i have placed one of my stickers with an Haïku on it on Marcel Duchamp refrigerator. At the Tinguely Museum in Basel (CH).DISCLAIMER:This wasn’t an act of vandalism and i would personally consider someone putting stickers on a painting as a stupid assholeI have a few frigo magnets, exact replicas of the sticker and a good haiku to start your day. Send me a Self-addressed stamped envelope and get one for free !more INFO ?

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