Today is for PSM! -live-

ESP: PSM! -live- es un proyecto audiovisual que nace de la conexión entre música electrónica y cine. Difícilmente clasificables, se alimentan de influencias electrónicas innovadoras, con el fin de realizar composiciones arriesgadas y comunicar así su particular análisis sobre la realidad social. Cinco jóvenes productores de música y vídeo se unen en un escenario mediante el uso de samplers y sintetizadores construyendo así un viaje sonoro digital.
ENG: PSM! -live- is an Audio-Visual Project that comes to life through the connection between electronic music and film. Very difficutly classifiable wihtin in its genre. This project is nurtured by risky yet innovating electronic influences with the objective to realize and execute complex rhythmic compositions to communicate it..s particular analysis as to how we perceive social reality, by bringing it all together through images on screen. 5 young Audio-Visual producers come together on stage with their samplers and synthesizers to create an audio-visual trip. The Final result being “Electronic Live Cinema”. – So you ask, what is Electronic Live Cinema?PSM! [Reconstruction: save the world] from PSM! on Vimeo.
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