Microexhibitions: «Art in Tránsit»

Por makingUCLM

In March it is going to be held in Cuenca (Spain) the 1st International Graphic Art Festival City of Cuenca «Art on Paper 2011» (http://www.artepapelcuenca.org) that intends to invade the city and show numerous exhibitions and activities related to graphic art not only in its showrooms but also in the open air, urban area.
In this Festival, as regards the section ProBeta urban laboratory, the group DO2 (http://www.makingdos.com) has been chosen to carry out a series of collective exhibitions in the urban space.
One of them is MICROEXHIBITIONS «ART IN TRANSIT» that will occur on Saturday 12th March 2011. There microexhibitions want to bring the world of art nearer to the citizens who don’t usually go to conventional exhibition spaces and than’s why we are goint to change the bus canopies in the city into small showrooms. Each of these bus canopies will be dedicated to an artist.

There are three ways to participate:
A.- ATTENDANCE: The artist will directly expose their instalation on the bus canopy in the city or Cuenca (Spain)
B.- NON ATTENDANCE: In this case the artist want to take part in the project but can’t attend the microexhibitions. So they will send their work by email to dos@uclm.es before 7th March 2011. They will have to send four pieces of their work by email with the standard dimensions A3/300ppi. The organization will be in charge of printing, framing and adding the information of the author, including his/her name and his/her web or contact address.
C.- COLLABORATORS. It is also possible to collaborate in the organization of the microexhibitions, although you’re not exhibiting graphic art.

All the participants will receive a certificate from the organizationa of the Festival proving their participation, a photograph of their installation and they will also appear in the catalogues, press dossiers and webs as participants in this action.

If you have any doubts or you want to get further information about these microexhibitions, we are working in the Laboratory of DO2.  http://www.laboratoriodos.com

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